Valet Master Strategy Guide – Where to Spend Your Cash and Park All the Cars

valet master strategy guide where to spend your cash and park all the cars

Valet Master is a game about mastering the ancient art of the valet. You need to pick up cars, put them in parking spaces, then return them to their owners when they’re ready. It’s also about expanding your business, hiring new workers and generally making as much money as you possibly can.

That might sound like a lot to take in, but don’t you fret little chipmunk, we’ve got your back on this one. How? Well, via the medium of this here guide. It’s made up of all the finest strategies we’ve discovered during our time playing Valet Master, and now we’re sharing them with you.

It doesn’t make a single iota of difference whether you’re about to leap into your first car or you’ve already parked hundreds – we promise there’s going to be something here that’ll take your skills to the next level. So here we go – these are the best hints, tips and cheats for Valet Master.

valet master screenshot 1

Don’t smash up the cars

It really should go without saying, but you should try not to smash up the cars you’re parking. Don’t take unnecessary risks and try to make sure you get them back to their owners in one piece. The happier your customers, the more money you’re going to get from them, and customers aren’t usually too happy when the hood has fallen off their car.

Hire some help

The first things you should be spending your money on are some new helpers. They’ll collect cash, pick up the cars and even slap sleeping workers if they decide to take a quick nap. The more help you’ve got, the smoother things are going to run and the more cash you’re going to be raking in.

valet master screenshot 2

Get a pet

Adopting a pet means watching a video, but the cute critter will give you some stat boosts so it’s well worth taking a bit of time to get one. With a pet you can often move faster, and you’ll get more money from your customers as well. Plus you’ll have a pet, which is pretty cool.

Keep adding

Keep sticking new parking spots and other equipment into your parking lot. The more you have, the more you’re going to earn – whether that’s a vending machine or a washing station, or just somewhere extra you can stick a car. Expand smart, though – don’t overreach, and make sure you’ve got the staff to help out.

valet master screenshot 3

Collect your tips?

The tip jar will fill up over time, and you can open it once it’s stuffed by watching a video. You’ll get a pretty decent chunk of cash for doing it, which you can then spend on new kit and upgrades. Don’t make a habit of it, but if your coffers need a quick boost it’s worth getting to those tips.


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