U.S. vehicle inventory stays flat at 1.13 million

u s vehicle inventory stays flat at 1 13 million

New-vehicle inventory in the U.S. stayed nearly flat in May from the previous month as supply disruptions and continued strong demand made it difficult to refill depleted stocks, according to data compiled by the Automotive News Research & Data Center and Cox Automotive.

Cox said automakers and dealers had 1.13 million vehicles on hand nationwide, a 35-day supply, which is roughly the same days-supply figure that has been in place since January, Cox said. The figure is up 20,000 vehicles from the previous month but still 30 percent below where inventory stood a year earlier, Cox said.

Among the automakers that continue to report monthly sales and inventory data, Ford Motor Co., Hyundai-Kia and Subaru maintained their days’ supply from the previous month, while American Honda, Toyota Motor, Mazda and Volvo saw their days’ supply decline in May.

Cox said in its analysis that among the U.S. market’s 30 top-selling models, full-size trucks had the most supply, putting them almost back to traditional inventory levels, with Ram holding a 70-day supply, while Chevy’s and Ford’s full-size pickups had around a 50-day supply. The Ford Explorer and Hyundai Santa Fe crossovers were also relatively plentiful, Cox noted.

On a segment basis, Cox said the tightest inventories were found among more fuel-efficient offerings, including compact cars, hybrids, small crossovers, subcompact cars and minivans. Along with full-size pickups, full-size cars had the highest days-supply figures, Cox said.


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