This “underwater scooter” is a scuba enthusiast’s dream

this underwater scooter is a scuba enthusiasts dream
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Having an underwater adventure this summer is something on a lot of people’s lists, and Waydoo wants people to explore the ocean blue with their aquatic mobility device. Subnado from Waydoo is a versatile device that’s designed for people who want to expand their oceanic adventures. The all-electric “underwater scooter” is designed to be used for scuba diving, canoeing, surfboarding, swimming and more. It’s all thanks to its versatile design and quick-release mounting attachments. The aquatic mobility device only weighs 3 pounds with a top speed of 3.1 mph. Subnado is operated using a finger ring controller to free the operator’s hands. It’s powered by a 98-Wh lithium-ion battery with a run time of 56 minutes. The underwater scooter can be fully charged in 1.2 hours. Subnado isn’t just an underwater scooter, though, it also has the added benefit of being a portable charger to power up your personal electronics like phones, tablets and more. 

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