‘Tales of Luminaria’ From Bandai Namco Entertainment Is Shutting Down on July 19th

tales of luminaria from bandai namco entertainment is shutting down on july 19th
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Following its launch back in November 2021, Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Tales of Luminaria (Free) for iOS and Android is shutting down on July 19th (PDT). The official announcement for the termination of service has a few details about the final update, archiving the work, and more. If you’ve not kept up with the game, it has 21 protagonists and features 3D seamless action RPG gameplay with excellent music. It was the first fully original Tales of mobile title with each protagonist featuring a different story taking place during the conflict between different sides of the world. The team also revealed that the final update, Tales of Luminaria version 1.6.0 is due at the end of this month. Watch the animation trailer for the game below:

Tales of Luminaria 1.6.0 will bring in the final episode, memorial summon for all 21 characters, tickets being given to players, multiplayer boss battle updates, and more. The Tales of Luminaria is considering archiving the art, costumes, illustrations, and more as a digital archive for players who want to look back at the world of Tales of Luminaria. A soundtrack release is also in the works as mentioned in the service termination announcement. Until the service ends on July 19th, you can download Tales of Luminaria on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. The in app purchases including different PB Stone purchases have been disabled. Check out the official website here for more information. Did you end up playing Tales of Luminaria on iOS and Android and what did you think of it?


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