Super Sidekicks ACA NeoGeo Out Now for Some Kicking Fun

super sidekicks aca neogeo out now for some kicking fun
super sidekicks aca neogeo artwork

This week’s new entry into the ACA NeoGeo library is a bit different from the last few. It doesn’t involve punching, fireballs, or shooting things into pixelated explosions. There is still kicking though. Kicking a ball.

It’s Super Sidekicks ACA NeoGeo, a classic arcade take on soccer that plenty of players are going to have deeply fond memories of. And now you can play it on your phone or tablet. These modern times, eh?

It doesn’t have official teams or likenesses or anything like that. But you can pass and dribble and shoot, and there’s super fast fun waiting for anyone who decides to take the plunge.

Pass and move

You’re playing to try and win your way to the Champion Cup, which sounds like something you’d want to lift in front of your legions of low-definition fans, right?

And there are all the usual ACE NeoGeo tweaks, pokes and prods – from movable d-pad and quick save and load functions – to make sure everything runs nice and smooth on modern devices.

If you’d like to give Super Sidekicks ACA NeoGeo a go, you can click here to download it from the Play Store. It’s a premium game and it’ll set you back $3.99 to give it a go.


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