Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY Starter Guide – How to Summon Your Inner Warrior

There’s a reassuring consistency among gacha-RPGs. Whatever their storylines, characters, and settings, they’re all built on the same gameplay loop. Combat, summoning, upgrading, and more combat. 

Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY is as reassuringly familiar as the best of them, though it throws in a couple of curveballs to keep life interesting. 

Whether you’re a grizzled gacha-RPG veteran or a newcomer to the genre, this beginner’s guide should help you get your head around the various elements of USERJOY’s manga-inspired fantasy outing.

During Combat


Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY boasts a number of modes, both single-player and multiplayer. There are Daily Dungeons, Kizuna Quests, Events, Monster Brawls, Grand Colosseum bouts, and more. 

But on the battlefield they’re all pretty much the same. On the left of the screen you’ll find your Casts. On the right you’ll find your opponent’s units, just begging to be annihilated. 

While it’s likely that you’ll make liberal use of the ‘auto’ button in Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY, which hands the controls to the AI and relegates you to the role of interested observer, it’s important to know how manual combat works. 

Your Casts, as well as your opponent’s, all have two gauges over their heads: a red one indicating their HP, and a blue one indicating their movement. 

Battles are turn-based, and you have three types of attack at your disposal: basic, power, and special. Your basic is available all the time, while your special has to charge up between uses. It inflicts a relatively large amount of damage.

To win a battle, you need to kill all of your opponent’s Casts. The most effective way to do this by far is to ensure that your Casts are fully upgraded, but you can improve your chances of success by tweaking your formation. 

To do this, just head to the Formation page and tap Edit. Here you can swap Casts in and out, ensuring that you’ve got all the right units on your squad – including a Support Cast, who can use their specials to heal their squadmates. 

It’s also vitally important to factor the rock-paper-scissors-style elemental affinity system into your tactical calculations. 

In Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY, a STR Cast is stronger than a TEC Cast, but weaker than an AGI Cast. AGI in turn is weaker than TEC, meaning that an AGI-aligned Cast will inflict greater damage on a STR Cast but suffer greater damage when attacked by a TEC Cast. 

Got that? Good. The same applies to skill effects that have a chance of working or not working. If the attacker has a weaker elemental affinity than their target, there’s a greater chance that their skill will be evaded. 

Skill effects, meanwhile, come in two distinct flavors. There are Common Chance effects, which are affected by Effect Hit, Effect Res, and Elemental Damage, and Fixed Chance effects, which have odds that are fixed at the outset. 

The final battlefield factor to be aware of is your Helper. You can assign a Cast to wait in the wings during battle and then join in when you tap the ‘HELP’ button. If your squad is short of the maximum four members, your Helper will simply make up the numbers and remain on the battlefield for the whole of that round. 

Outside Combat


Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY offers numerous paths to excellence, and you’re encouraged to take them all. 

Aside from all the different modes that you can play in and rewards that you can claim, there are several ways to upgrade your Casts and skills. They include training, ranking up, skilling up, and transcending. 

You can train a Cast by spending Coins and Trainers. While Coins are generic, Trainers come in different levels of rarity, with corresponding levels of EXP. Crucially, the number of Coins you need to spend never changes, so high-rarity Trainers are extra good value. 

Ranking up requires you to spend Evolution Gems. Once you reach the highest rank of 6*, you can transcend your Casts, lifting their max level limit to 30. Transcending consumes Casts or Transcend Materials. 

Finally, there’s skilling up. This allows you to unlock special moves and advance your skills. To skill up you can consume Casts/Bunrei. 

Another way to increase a Cast’s skill level is to inherit it from another Cast. As long as you’ve got two Casts with the same rarity and skill level 2 or over, along with some Inherit Gems or Diamonds, you can establish a Master and an Apprentice and transfer skill levels from one to the other. 

Of course, you won’t get far without Casts. That’s where summoning comes in. To add Casts to your stable you can perform a number of different types of gacha summon, spending Diamonds or Summon scrolls to randomly draw units in ones or batches of ten. 

You can keep the ones you want and consume the ones you don’t. 

The speed at which you progress through Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY’s campaign will depend on how much you play and how efficiently you manage the riches you earn on the battlefield and through other rewards. 

You’ll reach the end if you keep plugging away, but this guide should hopefully give you the knowhow to get there faster. 

Try out these tips and tricks for yourself by downloading Seven Mortal Sins X-TASY via Google Play or the App Store – just click here.


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