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Samsung’s UFS 4.0 Storage Solution Gets Approved By JEDEC: What Does It Mean For Smartphones?

samsungs ufs 4 0 storage solution gets approved by jedec what does it mean for smartphones




Samsung has officially confirmed that it is the first company to develop a UFS 4.0 based flash storage solution. And it has been approved by the JEDEC board of directors. Here are the details on the very first UFS 4.0 storage solution in the world, which is likely to be used on upcoming flagship smartphones.

Samsung's UFS 4.0 Storage Solution Gets Approved By JEDEC

As expected, Samsung’s UFS 4.0 storage solution is based on JEDEC’s standard. It is said to offer improved performance and improved power efficiency when compared to UFS 3.1 type storage solution, which is currently the gold standard.

Samsung claims that the UFS 4.0 storage solution has been designed and developed by collaborating with various smartphone brands and consumer devices manufacturers. Samsung UFS 4.0 storage uses “advanced 7th-generation V-NAND and a proprietary controller” and is also small in size.

UFS 4.0 Read And Write Speeds

According to Samsung, their UFS 4.0 storage can offer up to 4,200MB/s sequential read speed and up to 2,800MB/s sequential write speed. When it comes to memory bandwidth, Samsung’s UFS 4.0 storage can offer up to 23.2Gbps per lane, which makes UFS 4.0 twice as fast as the current UFS 3.1 type storage solution.

Even when it comes to power efficiency, the UFS 4.0 storage can offer a sequential read speed of 6.0MB/s per mA and is said to be 46 percent more power-efficient than the UFS 3.1 storage solution. On top of that, the UFS 4.0 chip itself is said to be smaller than the UFS 3.1 chip and will have the following dimensions: 11mm x 13mm x 1mm.

According to Samsung, an UFS 4.0 storage solution will be a great fit for modern 5G smartphones and can easily handle tasks like AR, VR, and a huge amount of data processing. Samsung’s UFS 4.0 storage chip will be available with up to 1TB of storage on a single chip.

When Can We Expect Smartphones With UFS 4.0 Storage Solution

Samsung has confirmed that mass production of UFS 4.0 storage chips will begin by Q3 2022. Hence, we can expect to see high-end smartphones with UFS 4.0 storage solutions by the end of 2022, and Samsung is likely to be one of the first brands to launch a phone with the new flagship UFS 4.0 storage solution chip.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 4, 2022, 9:12 [IST]


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