Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice Reroll – How it Works

saint seiya legend of justice reroll how it works
saint seiya legend of justice reroll

Didn’t quite get the pull you wanted in the latest hit gacha? Our Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice reroll guide can help you with that. In this guide, we’ll detail the steps that you can perform to reset your account, allowing you to perform that initial pull again. Hopefully you’ll get that character you want this time, eh?

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice is a brand new gacha RPG that takes place in the hit anime series, Saint Seiya. If you’ve played a gacha before, you should have a good idea of how it all works at this point. You collect characters, create a character out of them, and send them out into battles across a number of game modes. Somewhat unique here is a real-time battle system, where traditionally gacha favours turn-based. You can learn more on the official site.

We’ve put together a Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice tier list to help you figure out which characters are worth keeping, and which aren’t. We’d also encourage you to grab the latest Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice codes so you can get some free stuff.  Now, here’s how to reroll.

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice Reroll

Want to perform a Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice reroll? It’s actually pretty easy in this game. Here are the steps:

  • Launch Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice
  • Complete the tutorial if you haven’t done so already
  • Uninstall the game
  • Install it and try again

Alternatively, you can also clear the game data from your phone if you’re able to do so, which will save you a reinstall. Until you’ve linked your account, you’re free to do this as many times as you need to to get the character you want.

Why Should I Do a Reroll?

When you first start a new gacha, you are typically showered with free rewards that often include free pulls – summoning characters – or the currency to do so. As such, it’s ripe for exploiting.

Gacha players typically ‘reroll’ their accounts if they don’t get the character they want from their initial pulls. As this is typically the only reliable method to get these characters without spending vast amounts of cash, it’s a popular manoeuvre.


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