Review: Alpinestars GP Pro R3 gloves review

review alpinestars gp pro r3 gloves review
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The GP Pro R3 is the second-most advanced pick in Alpinestar’s line-up, topped only by Marc Márquez’s glove of choice, the Supertech. There are a few things that make the GP Pro R3 special. In particular, it’s the fact that this is the first CE Level II-rated pair I’ve used. Meeting this protective standard is a particularly difficult task and the GP Pro R3 uses several tricks to get there.

The glove is constructed from three different kinds of leather, including the usual cow and goat, but there’s also the use of kangaroo leather in the section that runs from the palm all the way up the little finger. This is a much stronger material which allows the use of thinner sections, thus enhancing comfort and feel. The ring and pinky fingers have the Alpinestars trademark leather bridge, while the outer scaphoid area gets a sizeable palm slider. There is the usual collection of hard plastic protection for the knuckles and fingertips, but the huge curved armour around the cuff feels impressively tough.

The GP Pro R3 has a very long cuff, which amplifies the sense of protection. It uses a single-sided velcro closure but feels incredibly secure when coupled with the wrist strap. You won’t find any perforation in the fingers, but the back of the hand, thumb section and knuckle protector do vent some air. Ventilation can be a challenge with CE II gloves because perforations weaken the leather. Nevertheless, on the track, I find it to be good enough and don’t experience any discomfort; and that’s all that matters. 

Given the amount of protection, the general comfort is good, but I find that the fingers do run a bit long, which wasn’t the case with my previous Alpinestars GP Plus R2 gloves. As always, sizing is highly personal, especially in the case of gloves, so try before you buy.

The GP Pro R3s offer very high levels of protection for racetrack or fast road use. They are quite a pricey affair, as you’d expect from a top-tier Italian brand. Furthermore, India’s punishing taxes and import duties don’t help matters either and availability is also slightly delayed due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic. Nevertheless, if you ride a high-performance motorcycle, you need the kind of safety gear to match, and the GP Pro R3 is a solid performer in that respect.


Price: Rs 25,000 (approx.)


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