R2M Is a Hardcore MMORPG for Mobile Coming to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao This Year

r2m is a hardcore mmorpg for mobile coming to taiwan hong kong and macao this year

R2M is coming to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao at some point this summer or autumn. 

Developed by Webzen, the studio behind the hugely popular MU series, R2M is being billed as a “hardcore” MMORPG. It’s the follow-up to PC MMORPG R2(Reign of Revolution), and it will be available on iOS and Android. 

In case you’re not familiar with the franchise, R2 came to PC 16 years ago. It’s a follow-up to MU Online, Webzen’s seminal PC MMORPG that first hit the shelves in 2001. 

R2 is a huge, sprawling fantasy epic boasting more than 730,000 warriors. R2M, meanwhile, takes that source material and runs with it, adding new classes, weapons, and more. It’s being worked on by the team behind the original R2, so you can be sure it’s in good hands. 

Fans of R2 will be pleased to know that the game’s unique Combat and War system is present and correct, along with a ton of other classic content, ensuring a smooth transition from PC to mobile. 

No Rules, Just Power

R2M:重燃戰火 Image

Under the slogan “No Rules, Just Power”, the unforgiving ethos of R2 is still very much in evidence. 

But there have been several tweaks, improvements, and additions. Among them is the brand new Assassin class. The Assassin can quickly dispatch enemies using a weapon called Qatar, and a skill called Stealth. 

There’s a deep guild system, too, allowing you to control Siege Castles and collect tax, take advantage of hideouts, and visit exclusive NPC shops. Naturally, you’ll also be able to start massive battles with other guilds, and take on bosses that would be impossible alone. 

R2M racked up more than a million pre-registrations in just three days prior to its launch in South Korea. It’s going down a storm in that region, reaching the top three on Google Play’s Top Grossing chart, and the top four on the App Store’s.

Right now Webzen is working on localizing R2M for Taiwan. There’s no concrete launch date yet, but you can keep your finger on the pulse by joining the R2M Facebook community

To find various graphics and illustrations related to the lore of the game,
characters and game features, visit the official teaser website here too.


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