R2 Follow-Up R2M Will Launch in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao on July 26

R2M, the hotly anticipated follow-up to R2, is coming to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao on July 26. 

Announcing the news during an online showcase, developer Webzen also revealed some of the game’s key features. These include large-scale PvP at Spots and Sieges, guild features, dungeons, and more. 

Webzen’s development director Sungju An and head of business Jinsoo Lee also shared some development stories, and took questions submitted through the official R2M Facebook page. 

Among the other topics they covered during the showcase were the game’s characters, its business model, and the localization work that’s currently underway to ensure that R2M is equally accessible in every region. 

There was a giveaway event, too, allowing viewers to claim a surprise coupon code for Weapon/Armor/Accessory Enhancement Scrolls once the game launches. 

To top it all off, the showcase ended with a video message from several popular Taiwanese influencers. They shared their hopes for the impending R2M invasion. 

What Is R2M?

In case you haven’t been following the news, R2M is a mobile MMORPG that continues the 16-year-long story of the R2 Online universe.

Gameplay-wise, R2M sees you picking a character and then venturing out for some violent hijinks on a lavish fantasy continent. Classes on offer include Knight, Archer, Mage, and Assassin. 

Each of these character types brings its own unique qualities into battle. You know the drill. Knights are strong and tough, archers inflict ranged damage, mages heal, and assassins utilize stealth. 

Also included is a fully fledged exchange system. This allows you to trade your equipment and props freely with other players. 

There’s also a guild system. This lets you take control of Siege Castles and collect the tax on them, fuelling your war effort. Being in a guild also gives you access to hideouts and take on extra-tough bosses. 

You can pre-register for R2M right now on the Google Play Store, the App Store, and on the official R2M website


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