Perfect Skincare Strategy Guide – Pop Spots and Earn Cash With These Tips and Tricks

perfect skincare strategy guide pop spots and earn cash with these tips and tricks

Perfect Skincare is a game about running your own salon. You’re making face masks, applying a variety of different balms and lotions, and clearing up skin conditions left, right and center. It’s all a lot of fun, but there are some things you might be finding a little complex, what with there being so much going on.

For that reason, we decided it was a good idea to write up a guide to help you through any tricky situations you might be coming up against. We’ve spent a good deal of time with Perfect Skincare, and discovered the strategies that you’re going to need to take your salon to the next level.

About to apply your first mask? Already squeezed more pus than you can remember from angry pimples? Wherever you find yourself in your journey with the game, there’s going to be something to help you out here. These are the very best hints, tips and cheats for Perfect Skincare.

perfect skincare screenshot 1

Green is good

When you’re pouring in the liquid to make a face mask, or popping a spot, green is good. When the dotted line turns green, or the bar sits in the green section, you’re done. This theme runs throughout the game, so make sure when something turns green you stop what you’re doing.

Fill the bar

While you can skip a level once the “done” button pops up, it’s better to keep pressing on and make sure the bar at the top of the screen is filled up. The happier your customer, the more cash you’re going to get, so ensure they’re getting the best treatment you can possibly deliver.

perfect skincare screenshot 2

Take the VIP customers

When you get a VIP customer, it’s worth taking the time out to watch a video to treat them. VIP customers offer bigger rewards, and sometimes more interesting treatments, so helping them out is a double whammy of goodness. It’s not essential to do it, but it does make the game a little more interesting.

Get extra cash?

You can watch a video at the end of a treatment session to increase the amount of cash you’ve earned. There’s not really much point doing this, since you can only spend the money on upgrading your salon. What do those upgrades do, you ask. Well, we’re going to cover that in the next section.

perfect skincare screenshot 3

What do the upgrades do?

You can spend cash on upgrading different parts of your salon – from the sinks to the walls. These upgrades are entirely ornamental though – they don’t change anything about the way the game plays or how much you’re going to earn. Buy them by all means, but don’t expend time or energy earning extra cash to do it.


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