‘New State Mobile’ Is Collaborating With ‘Among Us’ From April 21st Until May 19th With Mini-Games, Cosmetics, and More

new state mobile is collaborating with among us from april 21st until may 19th with mini games cosmetics and more
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PUBG: New State from Krafton was renamed to New State Mobile (Free) recently, and it has been getting regular updates with new modes, weapons, areas, customization options, events, and more. Today, Krafton and Innersloth announced a collaboration that brings Among Us to New State Mobile. The collaboration event will take place from April 21st until May 19th featuring Among Us-themed mini-games, props, in-game items, and more on Troi. This will also feature core mechanics from Among Us as a mini-game before the start of a match on Troi. One member of the team will be randomly assigned as the imposter while other members try and avoid being killed. Special crates will be available for purchase featuring a mask, coat, innerwear, backpack, weapons, vehicles, and more with a special Among Us theme. Crewmate-themed props will also be around the map.

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As of now, this collaboration is set to roll out in the April update for the game. It isn’t live as of this writing, but should go live soon since the collaboration will be going live in-game from April 21st until May 19th. There will also be a mini-game event featuring various themed-missions to unlock an Among Us-themed frame, title, icon, and more for in-game profiles. It is going to be interesting to see if we get any New State Mobile content in Among Us soon as well. You can grab New State Mobile on Google Play for Android here and on the App Store for iOS here. What do you think of New State Mobile so far and have you been playing it recently?


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