New Secrets of Dumbledore Pre-Registration Goodies for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

new secrets of dumbledore pre registration goodies for harry potter magic awakened
harry potter magic awakened pre reg rewards

Warner Bros. and Netease have announced that there are some new pre-registration goodies waiting for anyone who takes a pre-plunge on Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

The game was announced for Western territories earlier this year, and it’s been available for pre-reg on the Play Store since then. But now there’s even more reason to do a few clicks and say you’re going to play it when it launches.

The goodies come in the shape of a tie-in with the recently released Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore movie – it’s two cards you can add to your deck from the get-go.

What cards!?!

Well, you can get a Niffler, a fuzzy ball of mischief which has an affinity for shiny things. You can use the card to restore some of your magic points in the game.

And then there’s a Baby Manticore, which isn’t as terrifying as a full-grown Manticore, but can still be super useful when you use them in conjunction. Lots of Baby Manticores equals lots of chaos.

You can click here to pre-register for Harry Potter: Magic Awakened right this second. Alongside the new rewards, there are other special treats if you pre-order the game.


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