Lotus electric sedan due in 2023 to take on Porsche Taycan

lotus electric sedan due in 2023 to take on porsche taycan
lotus eletre 001

Lotus took a massive step towards the mainstream when it released the Eletre (pictured above), an electric crossover developed with volume in mind. It will continue walking in this direction by launching its first sedan, and a recent report suggests the model will be aimed at the Porsche Taycan.

Known as the Type 133 internally, and referred to as a four-door coupe, the sedan will join the firm’s portfolio of so-called “lifestyle” EVs. It will borrow some styling cues from the Eletre (pictured above) but it won’t be merely a scaled-down crossover. “There has to be some continuity and family identity,” explained Peter Horbury, Lotus’ senior vice president of design, in an interview with British magazine Autocar. “Families aren’t made up entirely of triplets or quadruplets. Every member of a family can have their own character,” he added.

While the Type 133 ⁠— a name that won’t make the leap to production; the Eletre was called Type 132 ⁠— won’t be as basic as, say, an Elise, it will be positioned as a driver’s car. Gavan Kershaw, Lotus’ director of attributes and product integrity, told Autocar that the engineering team benchmarked the Porsche Taycan during the Eletre’s development process and the lessons learned will be applied to the Type 133. Like its taller sibling, the sedan should feature a long list of technology features, including an air suspension system and rear-wheel steering.

Powertrain specifications haven’t been released yet, but the fact that the Eletre and the Type 133 will be closely related underneath the sheet metal gives us some idea of what to expect. Power for the first Lotus crossover comes from a pair of electric motors that zap the four wheels with around 600 horsepower. The battery pack’s capacity checks in at over 100 kilowatt-hours, and an 800-volt electrical architecture enables fast-charging technology. Lotus pegs the Eletre’s maximum driving range at 373 miles on the testing cycle used in Europe. It’s reasonable to assume that the sedan, which should be lighter and more aerodynamic, should be capable of going further on a charge.

Lotus is expected to unveil the Type 133 in 2023. The model will be built alongside the Eletre in Wuhan, China.

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