Learn All About Dragon Trail: Hunter World

After sweeping the East, Dragon Trail: Hunter World is finally open for pre-registrations in Europe and America. 

You can register now on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

For the uninitiated (and we suspect that’s most of you), Dragon Trail: Hunter World is a visually impressive RPG with a pet-collecting element.

Details are fairly thin on the ground at this stage, but we’ve gathered all the intel we can about what’s shaping up to be a fantastic addition to the RPG genre on mobile. 


Dragon Trail: Hunter World is a heavily story-driven RPG. It sees you taking on the role of a young tribal boy whose father has mysteriously vanished. 

You’re searching the jungle for clues when you stumble across a hatching Fire Wyvern. Also, you get attacked by some ferocious beasts, and you discover a mythical volume called the Book of Loyat.

Then you’re off on an adventure. 

Dragon Trail: Hunter World takes place on Star Island, a tropical paradise inhabited by your tribe and a medley of fantastical creatures. 

You’ll need to explore every inch of this island as you search for new pets to add to your stable and fight off the dragons that are making life difficult for the other people in your tribe. 

And, of course, you’ll need to keep looking for your father. Somehow this involves the Book of Loyat and the ancient prophecy it contains. 

Reveal the prophecy and (we assume) you’ll liberate the island, rescue your father, and live happily ever after. 



Collecting and evolving animal companions is the name of the game in Dragon Trail: Hunter World. In order to see off the dragon menace you’ll need to find, capture, and evolve various pets to form an unbeatable Dragoncide Squad. 

But that’s not all. There are also four different human character classes to manage. They include Warrior, Priest, Ranger, and Shadowhunter, and they all have their own unique uses in battle. 

As ever in this kind of game, victory relies on your abilities to level–up your various human and animal fighters, and to create well-balanced formations. 

While evolution is how you keep your animals at the cutting edge, you bolster your human characters by completing tasks for your mentor and spending the rewards on better gear. 

Humans and Animals

Although Dragon Trail: Hunter World is all about those dragons and fantasy critters, we’re still fairly short on details at this point. 

We can tell you that you’ll find Icy Bears, Bluish Parrots, and Woolly Mammoths on Star Island. And, of course, there’s the Fire Wyvern – that adorable dragon-like creature you encounter right at the beginning. 

These creatures all have forms: the ones they start with, and then their first and second evolutions. If you go to the Dragon Trail: Hunter World Facebook page right now you’ll see Fire Wythern in all three states, from reptilian cutey to armored buttkicker. 

Then there are the human characters. 

The Warrior is a straight-up melee fighter who can both sustain and inflict a lot of damage. The Priest, meanwhile, isn’t much cop on the damage front but can do his team-mates a solid by protecting and healing them. 

The Ranger is a long-distance fighter, using a bow and arrow for highly accurate ranged attacks. 

According to the Dragon Trail: Hunter World Facebook page, the Ranger class can also collect intel and summon wolves to fight alongside your party. 

The Shadowhunter, meanwhile, is an assassin class character that uses the power of disguise to sneak up on enemies and deliver killing blows at close range. 

Off the battlefield, the Shadowhunter can track down demons and lairs. 

That more or less covers what we know about Dragon Trail: Hunter World, aside from the fact that it’s a visually stunning game with a strong narrative and a charming cast of characters. 

Colour us interested. We’ll bring you more impressions as we get them.  


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