HoloCure Coin Farm – How to Maximise Your Income

Gold is pretty difficult to come by in HoloCure, eh? At least, you never quite have it in the quantity you want it. Well, fortunately for you, our tried-and-true HoloCure coin farm methods can help you. In this guide, we’re going to detail the steps you can take to maximise your earnings, making your coin shortage a thing of the past. The best part is, the method is simple, and can be used by anyone. It’s not an exploit either, so you don’t have to worry about being unable to play due to a ban or the likes.

HoloCure is a smash hit bullet hell roguelite. It draws inspiration from Vampire Survivors, but takes place in the hololive YouTube franchise. You play as one of your favourite idols, and have to battle off hordes of crazed fans. Famous YouTubers amongst you will know how that feels, we’re sure. With a ton of characters to unlock, weapon combinations to discover, and secrets to find, there’s plenty to keep you busy for ages in HoloCure.

And we’ve covered it extensively. We’ve got guides on the HoloCure download, HoloCure tier list, HoloCure collabs, HoloCure weapons, HoloCure items, and HoloCure update. Basically, if you need to know about it in HoloCure, chances are, we’ve got a guide on it.

HoloCure Coin Farm Walkthrough

Want to know how to make an absolute metric ton of coins in HoloCure? Follow the steps below to perform our tried-and-true HoloCure coin farm:

  • Focus on maxing your coin and XP upgrades
  • Get items that maximise your earnings, like Super Chatto Time, Study Glasses, and Credit Card
  • Play ‘Stage Mode’ as you get bonus gold each run
  • Aim for collabs, as these will increase your kill speed and help you survivoe for longer
  • Collect coins on level up to increase your earnings further

Thanks to Reddit for additional tips. Do you have any additional tips to help with coin farming? Let us know in the comments below! We won’t post exploits or hacks though, so genuine tips only, please.


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