Golden Japan DLC Now Available for Horizon Chase

golden japan dlc now available for horizon chase
horizon chase golden japan artwork

Everyone’s favorite arcade racer, Horizon Chase, has been getting quite a lot of DLC over the past few months. And now it’s getting some more, in the shape of the Golden Japan add-on.

It’s been launched to celebrate Golden Week in Japan, and it features a pretty hefty chunk of new content for you to sink your eager fingers into. What sort of content? Well, we’re about to tell you that. Chill your jets.

There are nine brand new tracks, four new skins to equip and a brand new car. Said car is called the Deja Vu, and we’re sure we’ve seen it somewhere before. That was a joke. Here’s a trailer, which isn’t a joke.

The DLC will take you to a variety of iconic locations around Japan. There’s Tokyo, Kyoto, Iya Valley and Sapporo. That’s a lot of places to drive round as quickly as you possibly can.

If you’d like to give the Golden Japan DLC a spin, it’s available right this second from within Horizon Chase. You can click here to download the game from the Play Store. It’s free, and the DLC will cost a couple of bucks.


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