Ford Mustang next generation’s interior exposed in spy photos

ford mustang next generations interior exposed in spy photos

We’ve seen heavily camouflaged next-gen Ford Mustang prototypes already, but what we haven’t seen yet are spy photos of an exposed interior. That changes today, as one of our spy shooters managed to catch a Mustang test car with much of its interior in plain view.

It comes as no surprise to see that the next-gen Mustang’s interior is evolving to be more tech-filled and modern than the last one. However, the design on display here isn’t too big of a departure from the current car. 

Starting with the most noticeable changes, it looks like the new Mustang is getting a much larger infotainment display screen than it currently offers. This screen is flanked by a fully digital instrument cluster display, and while Ford has already offered a digital cluster in the Mustang, this one appears to be updated with new graphics and could very well be a higher quality screen. 

We can see a few icons displayed on the screen. An exhaust emblem is likely indicating that the exhaust is in “loud” mode. The speedometer goes up to 220 km/h, which converts to about 137 mph. And this particular car appears to be throwing a “Steering Assist” fault code. As indicated by the “car centered between lines” emblem on the wheel itself and the screen message, it sure does look like Ford’s lane-following system will be available on the new Mustang. This particular test car also looks to be equipped with adaptive cruise control.

Looking elsewhere inside this Mustang, one thing that appears to be missing are climate control buttons. A shot of the infotainment system indicates that you’ll adjust your climate settings via the screen instead of hard buttons. The only row of central buttons on display here show some basic car controls like traction control, auto start/stop, defrost, the hazards, and two that aren’t so obvious yet. Those two buttons are indicated by a Mustang logo and a star.

Moving beyond the center stack, the shifter is visible on the console. It looks just like the current shifter design with the push button on top. The air vents are rectangular in shape (current car has round vents) and the steering wheel itself has a flat-bottom design.

Feel free to peruse through the various exterior shots our shooter managed to get alongside the interior photos. They don’t reveal much of anything we hadn’t already seen, but they’re interesting to look at nonetheless.

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