Ford Escape refresh spy shots show new grille, lighting

ford escape refresh spy shots show new grille lighting

We’ve finally gotten a good look at the upcoming refresh for the Ford Escape thanks to a fresh set of spy photos. We’ve called it a 2023 previously, but with the current state of supply chain, its arrival time is really anybody’s guess. Either way, Ford’s compact SUV appears just about ready for prime time. 

Spy photographers previously captured the nose still covered in an elaborate disguise that effectively concealed much of the new grille, but this treatment has quite the opposite effect. The changes are pretty subtle, but if you look closely, you can see the grille is now more octagonal than hexagonal, with the sharp points that defined the outer edges replaced by vertical lines. 

While the grille got more rounded, the opposite was done to the lighting. The new front lamps are narrower and the hood now reaches farther to the front corners, giving the headlights a squinty effect. The changes in the rear lighting appear less significant, but the signature LED elements on higher trims appear to be changing subtly. 

The tailgate and rear bumper may also be receiving some moderate revisions. The camo is usually a clue that something is going on underneath, but to our eyes it looks like maybe the protrusion on the painted bumper above the lower cladding will be less pronounced on the refresh. Just how far Ford will take that remains to be seen. 

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