Clean Life Strategy Guide – Upgrade, Earn and Clean With These Hints and Tips

clean life strategy guide upgrade earn and clean with these hints and tips

Clean Life is a game about using your vacuum cleaner to tidy up some of the filthiest places you’ve ever seen. You’re sucking up dirt, you’re sucking up litter – heck, you’re even sucking up soiled couches. There are loads of levels to work through and while it’s pretty simple to get to grips with the core of the game, there’s a lot going on that needs a bit more attention.

Which is why we decided it was a good idea to write up this guide. We’ve played enough of Clean Life to know what’s what, and we’ve turned that knowledge into these helpful strategies. Follow these and you’re going to be cleaning with the best of them in no time flat.

Doesn’t matter if you’re just at the start of your cleaning journey or you’ve already been scrubbing away for a while, there’s going to be something here that will take your skills to the next level. So, without further ado, here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Clean Life.

clean life screenshot 1

Get three stars

While you will unlock the next level after getting a single star, it’s well worth keeping playing to get the other two. That’s because you’ll get extra rewards – mainly cash and gems – when you hit the two and three star ratings. It might take you a little longer, but it’s well worth the effort.

Keep upgrading

Whenever you sell your trash, you should take a moment to increase your stats as well. They’re all pretty important, but your capacity and vacuum power should be the ones you’re focusing on. By vacuum power we mean all four of the options in the first tab.

clean life screenshot 2

Take the treasures

When you find a treasure and clean it up, you can then watch a video to keep it forever. This isn’t just an aesthetic choice, though. Keeping a treasure will get you a bunch of gems, which can come in super handy. Sure, it’s annoying to watch a video to get them, but you won’t be complaining when you’re spending them to make your cleaning easier.

Use the drone

Every level features a drone that will collect your trash and fly it back to your truck to sell it. It can save you an awful lot of back and forth, so it’s well worth finding it. You’ll have to spend gems or watch a video to unlock it, but that unlock will last the whole level. Using the drone makes things much quicker.

clean life screenshot 3

Look for safes and special rooms

Safes and special rooms contain loads of goodies that can really help out. In the safes you’ll find gems, and in the special rooms you’ll find piles of cash. When you spot one, make your way towards it and get it open. The more cash and gems you have, the more powerful you are, so take advantage of whatever the game offers.


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