8 Things SkillGaming is Doing Differently in the P2E Market

8 things skillgaming is doing differently in the p2e market

P2E – or play-to-earn – is one of the most exciting things ever to happen in the world of videogames. 

For the uninitiated, P2E is exactly what it sounds like: a form of gaming that lets you earn cash or cryptocurrency as you play.

And it’s no gimmick. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many gamers in the Philippines famously managed to feed their families with the cash they earned playing a blockchain game called Axie Infinity. The sums can be life-changing.

There are tons of studios rushing to take part in the P2E boom, and for our money SkillGaming is right at the front of the pack, offering a range of features that no other developer can match. 

Here are the eight things that SkillGaming is doing differently in the P2E market.

1 – Pretty Much Everyone Can Play

SkillGaming is available to almost everybody everywhere. You can download the mobile app on Google Play or visit the SkillGaming website and play right in your browser, whatever device you’re using.

Plus, SkillGaming is totally cross-platform, so you can take on an opponent using the mobile app while you play on your PC, tablet, or whatever. There are no barriers. 

2 – There Are So Many Games

Screenshot 2022 03 28 at 14.51.24

SkillGaming isn’t just one game. It’s a whole compendium of them, covering every conceivable genre and style, from platformer to puzzler to racing game. 

They all look great, too, and wouldn’t look out of place as standalone titles. In fact, some of them are.

There are more than 100 games on the platform right now, with 3-4 being added every month – with over 100 more waiting in the wings, partially thanks to SkillGaming’s forward-thinking developer affiliate program.

You can play these games for money, against the AI or other players, or you can just play them for fun, earning XP instead of cash. 

3 – You Get Your Very Own Armoury

Screenshot 2022 03 28 at 14.57.34

Because SkillGaming is a fiercely contested multiplayer arena, its developers have come up with a neat Armoury feature that lets you launch both small-scale and large-scale attacks on your enemies.

But that’s not all. You can also defend yourself, using a variety of different tools. There’s a Radar, for spotting incoming threats, a Cloak, for hiding yourself, a Shield, for protecting yourself, and a nifty little gewgaw called Kek’s Eye, which lets you see your opponent’s Warscore at a glance. 

You can even tip $1 to your friend if you want to entice them to competing with you for real money. Or this can simply be used to flaunt your wealth. Either works.

4 – Every Profile Is Unique

Screenshot 2022 03 28 at 15.00.51

SkillGaming is a totally customisable experience, allowing you to create your very own unique profile. Not only can you create a username, but you can upload a picture to make your profile sing.

The interface is easy to navigate, too, with separate genre categories to browse, an easily accessible list of games you’ve already played, and leaderboards where you can check out the competition and view everybody’s earnings and rankings. 

5 – Developers Benefit Too


SkillGaming isn’t just a boon for gamers. It’s a boon for developers, too, allowing them to take advantage of the P2E revolution without having to start from scratch.

Developers can submit their games – whether conventional or blockchain-based – and then earn a huge percentage of the revenues that they generate on the platform.

The cut is 95% from sales of full games and future DLC, and there’s even more on the table for studios whose games are used for real-money matchmaking.

According to SkillGaming, that means a developer’s earnings are likely to be significantly higher here than on any other online gaming platform. It’s free to submit a game and no ads are displayed whilst playing.

6 – Beneficial Referral Scheme

Screenshot 2022 03 30 at 15.41.02

SkillGaming also has a robust referral scheme in place for promoters, influencers, and marketers. Those who put banners, create reviews, and so on to drive new players towards the platform are rewarded handsomely.

On top of all that SkillGaming even runs a Whitelabel Referral scheme for developers, with $50 on offer per referral, and $2,000 – or a 10% revenue share in perpetuity – per successful sign-up. There are already 12 partners on board working with SkillGaming, with it being the go-to solution for P2E and blockchain gaming projects.

7 – Easy To Understand Interface

image 7

Naturally, it’s just as easy to withdraw your winnings on SkillGaming if you’re a player, thanks to a comprehensive cashier section that ties in with every conceivable payment type, including credit card, e-wallet, bank transfer, and even cryptocurrency transaction. Whitelabel blockchain partners can also integrate their gaming arcade with their tokens instead of the fiat cashier.

The payment options available to you depend entirely on the region you’re playing in. To view them, all you have to do is verify your age and geographical location through the globally recognised KYC system, and you’re good to go. 

8 – The Only Way Is Up

The most exciting thing about SkillGaming is that the journey is only just beginning. The team is working on all sorts of improvements, including a chat tool so that players can communicate through the service, and support for even more platforms. Here are just some of the other elements that are planned:

  • New Armoury assets
  • More games of various genres such as 3-D, Tower defense, Multiplayer, and more 
  • A Merchandise Store
  • VR Games
  • Metaverse project

That makes this the perfect moment to get involved, since more and more players/potential competitors are bound to show up as SkillGaming racks up new features and refinements.

So what are you waiting for? Download SkillGaming for free right on the Google Play Store, or visit the official SkillGaming site


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