Redmi teases its gaming laptop Redmi G for August 14

redmi teases its gaming laptop redmi g for august 14

Smartphone makers getting into the notebook business seems to have become a trend in the last couple of years and we aren’t complaining. With bigger competition, come wider choice and lower prices for consumers. And Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi wants to get into that growing gaming notebook segment too.

Redmi teases its gaming laptop Redmi G for August 14

The company just teased its Redmi G gaming laptop is coming on August 14 and the promo posters look promising. The screen has minimal bezels giving the laptop that premium, modern look., As a result the webcam has been moved to the bottom bezel.

In its Weibo post, the company promises proper cooling solution and great performance while people familiar with the matter believe that the device will be powered by the Core i5-10200H and Core i5-10300H processors. It won’t be long before we know what else the Redmi G has in store for us.

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