2021 Ford Bronco tackles Moab trails in official video footage

2021 ford bronco tackles moab trails in official video footage

If you can’t get enough 2021 Ford Bronco content, we have a hunch you’re in for a satisfying 2020. Just days after some amateur photos and video of the new 4×4 running the Rubicon Trail made their way around the Internet, Ford’s Bronco Nation channel has released some semi-official footage of its own that depicts development mules being put through their paces in Moab, Utah.

We’ll warn you from the top that while there’s plenty of eye candy in this clip, you’ll probably want to launch it without sound. There’s nothing to hear but some twangy rock music (what’s the pickup truck equivalent of yacht rock?), which detracts from the viewing experience. 

While some bits overlap with what we’ve already seen from third-party sources, this new, eight-minute video gives us some fresh angles on the Bronco’s rock-crawling capability. If you’re hoping for high-speed dune action, this is not the clip for you. 

“Over 13 hours and covering 33 miles, Bronco tackled Poison Spider, Golden Spike, Golden Crack, and Gold Bar Rim trails outside of Moab, Utah,” the video description says.

Instead, what we get are largely uncut segments that highlight the Bronco’s ground clearance and approach, departure and break-over angles as it tackles some of these gnarly obstacles. We also get to see the differences between the two- and four-door variants of the new 4×4 as they approach and negotiate each challenge. 

Until we have hands-on access, this is the closest we can get to seeing undoctored footage of the 2021 Ford Bronco in its natural habitat. 

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